European FE national committees meeting

This was the first meeting of the European National Committees since the newly restructured Future Earth. The meeting was hosted by Clément Brousse (Co-Lead Capacity & Networks, Global Hub France) who will coordinate our group of European National Committees. Stephany Mazon from the Future Earth Finland (FES) Secretariat was representing FES.

On behalf of FES, we mentioned FES would

  1. aim to serve our Finnish researchers by being a ‘window’ into global Future Earth. To do so, we will present Future Earth in Finnish national panels/meetings.
  2. encourage Early Careers to join FES or do an internship – something that was also echoed by other NCs.
  3. Finally, we agreed it would we would benefit from having a global Future Earth (EU level) themes that NCs could tackle in parallel. This too was echoed around the (virtual) room.

Here is a short note on the main meeting points:

German committee proposed to host an in-person 1 day meeting for the EU National Committees (NCs) to meet and work together. A follow-up email will be sent to determine possible dates (probably June/Aug/Sep).

Clement provided HERE a slide deck presenting Future Earth, prepared by the Secretariat. The FE Secretariat is also happy to give presentations about Future earth in NCs meetings.

Regarding Early Career Researchers activities, Future Earth Secretariat is organising and coordinating several ECR activities. Fernando Avakian (fernando.avakian(a) is the lead of this function. 

Finally, we agreed that a common thematic / topic should be identified, on which each NC could work to enable collaborations and joint activites. The EU NCs will provide ideas for topics in a shared document.

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