Future Earth Assembly meeting, Paris

We were happy to finally meet in person our fellow Future Earth Assembly and a few Governing Council member in Paris this 21-23 September at Sorbonne University, the host of Future Earth Paris hub.

The Future Earth Assembly members for our national committee are Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki (SYKE), Stephany Mazon (INAR- University of Helsinki). In the assembly meeting we were accompanied by our Governing Council member Hanna Lappalainen (INAR- University of Helsinki)

Programme highlights

Day 1

Open Science Conference, open to the public in-person and online. Watch the replay!

Day 2

Days 2-3 of the Future Earth Assembly gather FE entities, and a representation of Governing Council members.

Future Earth entites included:

  • Global Research Networks
  • National, Regional Committees
  • Global Secretariat Hubs Boards and / or Funders
  • Early-Career Researchers
  • Researchers from Low and Middle Income Countries
  1. Future Earth entities had a discussion in break-out rooms (hybrid: online and in person) on
    • How to further activate the Future Earth community to advance sustainability science through international and inter and transdisciplinary collaborations? Topics included: science for policy, fundraising, emerging challenges, accelerating sustainability research, and theory of change.
  2. The Assembly gathered recommenditions for the Governing Council (who had representation in person and online).
  3. We heard introduction presentations of Future Earth cross-cutting initiatives (such as Earth Commission, Science-based pathways for Sustainbility, SRI2022, and Early Career Researchers network).
Day 3
  1. FE entities discuss in their on break-out rooms

All three Future Earth Suomi members (Hanna, Kaisa, Stephany) took part in the National Committees break our room.

Key message from National Committees session: 

  1. ask Future Earth Secretariat to provide tools (eg. Digitial platform, newsletter) to facilitate communication between National Committees to share experiences, best-practices, organise joint events (eg. Summer Schools).
  2. The European National Committees meeting in Hamburg (Sep 2022) serves as example of what can be done by other National Committee regional networks. Eg. Asia is already setting up Asian Nat Comm network.
  • All Committees have different status, from no activity (eg. Spain), to well-established Academies-hosted offices like Switzerland. But common goal: We can use National Committees to link local researchers to the international network.


We found invaluable to meet our fellow Assembly members in person, discuss the steps moving forward to Future Earth and get an extra motivation to do joint projects with entities across continents. In particular, for FE Suomi (FE Finland) we bring the following conclusions to present to our National Committee:

  • It’s a network of networks: Future Earth can offer connections for Finnish researchers to global research groups/opportunities though our national committee.
  • National Committees: share activities, best-practices of Committees to serve as examples or joint activities (eg. European network), as well as training opportunities to learn from each other.


Full Meeting programme:. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h4mwngQYZVnJ2pvpSsVMpQtYMqmkhBPj/view

Poster Session posters: https://futureearth.org/assembly-2022-posters-showcase/

Future Earth Open Science Conference video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8uFMqdj-F4

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